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Modern world faces with severe challenges like income differentiation
increase, knowledge-focus education instead of skill-focus, digitalization
pressure, unfocussed development of personality, emotional life crisis,

FOOTURUM platform

  • Creating skill & foot

    Skills & foots for everyday and
    lifetime: knowledge database
    for skills improvements, motiva-
    tions, budget required, time
    needed, desirable priority and
    further steps (foots)

  • Skill designer

    Foots to develop skill structure,
    practice exercise planner with
    intelligent integration to calen-
    dars, personal and family devel-

  • Network of

    Eco-system for skill&foots devel-
    opment, branding products and
    companies, equipment, travel
    services, media

  • Eco-system

    Network of skill professionals,
    amateurs with their foots his-
    tory, expert of foots


We create FOOTURUM to reflect a range of downward global trends
where individuals suffer most of all. Best way-out is to efficiently develop
ourselves, our families on regular basis in right environment with proper
database knowledge.

FOOTURUM shares family values and arrange practices in a way maxi-
mizing family joint spending time. Family focus plays important role, as
family members are the best example for each other during daily activities.
To track our progress we develop foot-to-foot concept. Foots represent
our daily and intermediate achievements on our way of skill development.
Foots can reflect not only general steps, but it can be personalized. In
the end you will admire about your own foot history and can share it
with your close friends.

To ensure success we create attractive environment for professionals
and amateurs. Their knowledge & methodologies can be delivered in all
possible ways - via face-to-face practices, distantly, by foots
sharing, etc.

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